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Photo: Akademsiak hus

Construction and disturbance info v.13-14

Published: 23 March 2023

Current events at the university from Akademiska hus. If you haven't downloaded the Mitt Campus app yet, we recommend that you do so. Akademiska Hus regularly updates the information which can be useful on a daily basis.

Inventory of hoods  

In house A, house C, house E and house F, an inventory of hoods is underway. During this work, personnel from Bravida will move around the premises.

House A/α

Production on stage 4, which includes the A2300 and A3300 as well as the corridors A2500 and A3500, is now complete. Re-moving of furniture is in progress.

Dismantling of the facade in stage 5 at corridor A1500/A2500/A3500 is ongoing. Three toilet groups and a group room on floor 1 are blocked off for floor replacement.

Blocking off for upcoming works along the facade on Regnbågsallén will begin at the end of the week. No entrances will be blocked off and you can still pass along Regnbågsalén.

The work takes place in classroom A1543. The hall is adapted for operations and technology, surfaces and lighting are maintained. The work is expected to last up to and including week 13.

House B/β

At the moment, the construction of new interior walls and new installations in the Beta adaptation is underway.

Roof replacement is underway in several different parts of the roof.

In the entrances to B4 and the Library, we are replacing the air curtains.


Installation of roofs over entrances will be carried out when the weather becomes more favorable.