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Photo: Academic House's new outdoor environment

We are building the university of the future

Together with Akademiska hus, the university takes a holistic approach to future-proofing all buildings. Maintenance is underway to deal with building-related ill health, renovations are underway and a new Deltahus block is to be built.

The goal is a long-term sustainable structure for study environments, lab environments and offices with regard to:

  • Economy
  • Flexibility
  • sustainability

All information related to the campus restructuring that is taking place in all buildings on the university campus in Luleå is collected here.

Redovisningsfas III
Webinars: Accounting phase III

Akademska hus, Luleå University of Technology and White Arkitekter report what has happened since the last time in the Delta project — Generality — Disposition — Sustainability.

VKU miljö LTU
Excellent place for the lab according to the experts

An in-depth geotechnical investigation and risk assessment has been made with new test wells. That shows the possibility of placing the sensitive equipment (the VKU environment) in a seperate location with the possibility of connecting the lab in the VKU environment with the lab in the Delta Block via a Skywalk.