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Seminars 2016

Seminar secondary school

Pre school seminar

Internship lecture on new arrivals and multilingual children

Placement lecture February 4, 2015

'Bringing the idea further - reflective approach to teaching development and participation' Ulla Wiklund, development consultant and author, will lecture on the LU teachers in preschool and elementary school and students in pre-school and primary teaching programs on Wednesday 4 February kl.14-16 in the LKAB hall (A117) in the A building. Ulla summarize the contents: "It turns out so clearly that it is common for all types of schools are reflection and reflective work to improve teaching and student participation."

Coordinates the Meeting November 25, 2014

Coordinators in Norrbotten and Skellefteå Municipality are invited to coordinate meeting. Minutes of the meeting will be published during the calendar.

Introductory session for new LU teachers

LTU offers new LU teachers, who have been training for supervisors, and LU faculty with a senior supervisor and who did not have placement students on a long introduction to the internship. Time and place is on September 9 at. 14:00 to 16:30 in A 111 16:30 The occasion sent through Adobe for those who are unable to attend, the address is: Anyone who can not see the broadcast in real time can take part in the meeting via a link posted on this site after the meeting's closure, which remains under 1 week. At the meeting, we will review the structure of the teacher education which started in 2011, and the design of collaboration in placement and assignment as supervisor for the internship or the LU teachers.

LTU washed to participate in the pilot project with training schools and kindergartens exercise

Internship coordinators meeting March 18, 2014

Internship spring 2014

Still nothing about the practice school project

Placement information ht 2013

Another opportunity to update supervisors

Vfu seminar reject the the stock placement

Now it is clear with the spring semester internship lecture! Henrik Hegender, file. PhD in Education at Linnaeus University in Kalmar was at LTU to lecture on the assessment of placement under the heading Assessment of student teachers' professional competence based training crash in some research projects. Henry begins with Linnaeus University's former Science Council funded research project (Nordänger et al 2009) on teachers' practical skills, continuing with his own thesis projects (Hegender, 2010) and rounds off the project deliverables Disallowing the stock placement. He concludes with examples of how Linnaeus developed objectives and criteria for placement. The lecture can be viewed via Adobe link nedan.Länken will be inloggningsbar until May 21 Due to technical problems, unfortunately the sound off the first 15 minutes of the lecture.

National Teaching Practice Conference in Stockholm 11-12 April 2013

New exam topics for KPU

Kristina and Greta visit in Piteå

On January 15, did Greta and Kristina visit the Pieta to meet with coordinators and LU teachers. It was a worthwhile visit, where we talked about the Teacher LP11 and the presentation of this has. We looked closely at vfu-site and talked about its contents. Shortly before his departure to Piteå, it became clear that Henry Hegender at Linnaeus University as part of a group that researches vfu will come to Dubai on 14 May for keeping a vfu lecture.

Update of previous vfu-supervisor

Mini-Seminar 19/9 "Can not boys just be boys?" Equality in schools and preschools

Autumn mini-seminar is on Wednesday, September 19 at 14.00-16.00 in C 305th Christian Eidewald, lecturer and researcher at the School of Education and Communication in Jönköping, lectures on norms and values ​​in preschool and school. Föreläsninggen headline is "Can not boys just be boys?" Equality in preschool and school, what is it - and for whom?

Coordinating Meeting at LTU May 24

The next coordination meeting is scheduled on 24 majklockan 13:16:00 more details later.

National VFU Meeting in Uppsala

On 3-4 May 2012 in Uppsala meet the national placement network for teacher training. More information about this will.