Luleå University of Technology develops the attractive sustainable society through research and education. Many of our research subjects relate to different aspects of sustainability, like natural resources management, sustainable urban development, waste management and recycling. Sustainability is also a key issue in our work to develop Sweden's best learning environment.

Research on fossil-free steel production

Photo: Ted Karlsson

Researchers want to test-fly Swedish bio jet fuel 2021

Photo: Pixabay

The Baltic Sea shows the way for the oceans

Photo: Melina Granberg

Researchers help India with artificial glaciers

Photo: Luleå tekniska universitet

"I am passionate about environmental issues"

Photo: R Renberg

"Improving the environment is a strong motivation"

Tintin Tingrot LTU

Renewable energy

Förnybar energi

Sustainable transportation

Hållbara transporter

Attractive built environment

Attraktivt samhällsbyggande