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The cities where Luleå University of Technology is located are very popular to live in. Therefore, finding housing can be challenging. It can be particularly difficult to find a rental place in August and September due to the beginning of the academic year. We advise you to begin your house hunting as soon as possible.

Finding a place to stay will be one of the first issues to look into when you have decided to move to Sweden. Give yourself plenty of time to make all necessary arrangements before leaving your home country.

When you have acquired accommodation, consider if you may also need: Electricity supply contract, TV, broadband, TV licence and home insurance.

Below are two links to websites with information about different forms of housing, how to look for housing, what rights and obligations you have when living in multi-family housing etc.

Home insurance

We recommend that you purchase home insurance policy (hemförsäkring) for the duration of your stay here. If anything is stolen from your residence, or if any property is damaged or lost during your stay, you are responsible for repair or replacement costs. In addition to personal property, home insurance should also cover liability, legal expenses and travel insurance.

A home insurance policy is sold by most insurance companies in Sweden with different levels of coverage. Consider carefully which level of insurance you need and pay particular attention to the policy’s restrictions and exclusions.

Please note, If you are in Sweden for a shorter period of time (less than one year), you will not receive a personal identity number. However, with a coordination number, some companies (e.g IF and Folksam) might be willing to help you with a policy. 

When you are employed by a state university (a public authority) you’re covered by the Swedish State Group and  Insurance for foreign visitors during your time in Sweden. This insurance is available to for example foreign visitors, course participants, guest researchers, guest lecturers and accompanying family. The insurance covers personal property, liability, and accidents. Contact Luleå university of technology before arriving in Sweden for more information.