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08:30 9 okt
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In equal societies, people tend to be better off!

9 okt. 2023, 08:30 - 15:30
Luleå, Clarion Sense
Engelska (it will be possible to discuss in Swedish)
Publicerad: 1 mars 2023

How is the gender balance in our programs? Do they attract all or half the target group? Share your experiences and listen to the work of others during this experience exchange day. The day is aimed at those who teach at Luleå University of Technology.

The speakers will give their lectures in English, but the discussions will be able to be held in Swedish.

Gertrud Åström, honorary doctor and one of Sweden's leading equality experts

Gender equality expresses a desire for change and is based on the fundamental principles of democracy and the rights of the individual but also the responsibility for others and society. It requires knowledge and the ability to argue in a visible way. The implementation requires attention to detail in the various activities where the change is to be implemented. LTU in the leadership of an equal green transition would attract attention. It would mean an educational boost for everyone who has the pleasure of being involved.

Felicia Garcia, Educational developer (gender equality and sustainable development)

Felicia Garcia will be talking about ways to think about and work for the integration of gender equality and sustainable development into higher education. What are our reasons as universities to do it and how can we do it? Leading up to hopefully fruitful discussions she will also present some available resources developed by the Centre for Academic Development at Örebro University.

Åsa Wikberg-Nilsson, Professor and head of subject in the field of Design

As university teachers, we have a unique position to influence and shape the thinkers, leaders, and decision-makers of the future. For this reason, it is important that we are aware of the structures, norms, and values that affect society and how these are reflected in our work groups and classrooms. The course Gender, Equality, Inclusion, and Diversity aims to give you as a teacher a deeper understanding of the complex and interconnected concepts of gender, equality, inclusion, and diversity. We will explore historical and contemporary perspectives, analyze how these affect the learning environment and discuss strategies, pedagogics, and methodologies to create a more inclusive and equal education.


8.30 Welcome! and find your team!
8.35 Work session 1: Start-up around the table
9.00 Strategic initiative: LTU Sweden´s most gender equal university
9.10 Inspirational talk 1. Honorary doctor and one of Sweden´s leading gender equality experts Gertrud Åström
9.30 Discussion and fika
10.45 Inspirational talk 2. Felicia Garcia, Educational developer (gender equality and sustainable development)
12.25 Lunch
13.45 Inspirational talk 3. Åsa Wikberg – Nilsson, Professor and Head of subject in the field of design
14.15 Team discussions (fika will be available from 14.30)
14.35 Work session 2: Lessons learned? Can I change anything in my daily work and if so, what/how?
15.10 Evaluation
15.20 Summery and conclusion
15.30 End

For more information, please contact

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Maria Jansson, Samverkansstrateg

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Organisation: Samverkan och innovation, Verksamhetsstöd
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Lisa Mujagic, Konsult

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