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Helena Eriksson Vinter

"It broadens the company's recruitment base, strengthens our brand and I develop as a person"

Published: 16 June 2021

For several years, the company Vinter has received trainees and Helena Eriksson, who is the CEO and project manager, has been a mentor to several students via the university's mentorship program. An experience she recommends more people take part in because it develops both the individual and the company.

- We were for a long time restrictive in accepting students, mainly for fear of not having time to give them a meaningful and educational time with us, says Helena Eriksson. At one point a few years ago, Helena faced a need to recruit several new roles for the company at the same time, but the assignment worried her a bit because she knew from experience that it was a challenge to find people with the right skills.

- "My God Helena, you have to start accumulating a bank of potential employees and be active so you do not end up in this situation" said a friend to me peppered when I was a little given up, says Helena and laughs.

Helena took her friend at his word because it was the starting shot that made Vinter since then welcome interns from several of the university's programs - for example a master's degree in economics and graphic design. She herself also takes on the mentorship role with life and desire as she sees it as developing for everyone involved. - It will be a common learning - students are always eager and can contribute with new angles and exciting input. I think it makes me feel good and it is rewarding to share experiences that can help the student choose a direction or develop their abilities.

Show off business

An ever-current challenge is about solving the need for skills supply in Norrbotten, but Helena describes the Mentorship Program as a golden opportunity to do just that.

- We as entrepreneurs must take greater responsibility in showing the business community and the breadth of industries and workplaces in Norrbotten to students, so that they can, on good grounds, make an active choice to stay here even after their studies. Mentoring has been a very good way to do it, but also through the internships we have offered the university's students.

She has also seen up close that the influx of students to the agency also strengthens the employees.
- You grow as an individual by being a supervisor. They work on and may not think about how much collective knowledge they can contribute, but I have seen up close how it creates new insights in them as well.

Brand building

Helena feels that the company has made itself well known at the university by taking part in the opportunities that are offered.
- For a number of years we have actively chosen to build networks among students and I want to say that we have made a name for ourselves at the university thanks to that. It broadens our recruitment base - we have found more "new stars" through these contacts.


Linda Ljungberg, Project Manager

Organisation: Collaboration and Innovation, Professional Support