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Penna på ekonomiska dokument

For customers

Payment and bank information

Payments to Luleå University of Technology must be made to different bank accounts depending on what the payment is for. Payment from abroad is made to IBAN / bank account. Special rules apply to funds from the EU Commission.

When making payments to the university, they are important to provide information about what the payment is for, eg invoice or project number so that the payment can be booked to the right institution / unit.

From April 1, 2019, it is law that all new purchases in the public sector should be invoiced electronically. Sending customer invoices electronically is both efficient and environmentally friendly. Government agencies must send customer invoices electronically via PEPPOL. Other customers can receive electronic customer invoice or invoice on paper. If you want an electronic customer invoice, please contact:

Organization number: 202100-2841
VAT no .: SE202100284101
Visiting address:
Luleå University of Technology
971 87 Luleå
Telephone: 0920-491000

Payments within Sweden

Payments: Bank giro 5050-0495
Payment via card on the personal web:
Swish - General documents eg exams, Service Point:123-693 70 72
Swish - General documents such as exam questions, Archive and register: 123-441 54 28
Swish - Loan, Library: 123-322 90 85
Swish - KKL: 123-159 00 17
Swish - Gym equipment: 123-461 69 00
Swish - ETS: 123-435 28 94
Swish - Fundraising: 123-687 4515

Payments from abroad

Account number: 1281-01-18582
Bank address:
Danske Bank
Norrmalmstorg 1
IBAN: SE24 1200 0000 0128 1011 8582

Payment of funds from the European Commission when the university is coordinator

Please contact Luleå University of Technology, Finance and Planning:

Reminder and penalty interest

Fee that is not paid within the due time is charged interest on late payment according to the Interest Act from the due date until payment has been made. In the case of a written reminder, a reminder fee is charged. If payment is not made, the matter is handed over to the collection agency.