Sarah Fahlesson, student and Karl Andersson,LTU and leader of the NIMO project.

Architecture for mobile services

Published: 4 June 2012

A seminar was held at LTU Skellefteå where the municipality brand and architecture for mobile services were presented. Researchers from Luleå University of Technology presented latest news from the project NIMO, with focus on creating a strong Nordic platform in the areas of mobility and interaction.

Assistant Professor Karl Andersson, researcher at Luleå University of Technology and also leading the EU project NIMO presented latest news within the project NIMO. Collaboration with the local IT industry and Skellefteå municipality has led to a new education programme called  "Mobile Application development, 120 credits", start autumn 2013 at Luleå University of Technology.

- Three of our papers have also been published so far and many conference papers are submitted, sais Karl.

The project also includes student thesis. Sarah Fahlesson,  student at LTU, has completed her thesis at the IT-company Tieto where she has converted an excisting native Android app to a web application.

NIMO is a EU project where researchers from Luleå University of Technology, University of Oulu and Lapin Yliopisto, Rovaniemi work together to create a strong Nordic platform in the areas of mobility and interaction, i.e. make it possible for people to use IT systems in an efficient and satisfactory way wherever they live. Interdisciplinary research, development and innovation are important keywords in achieving this.

Dan Johansson and Per Dinborn
Dan Johansson, The NIMO project, LTU and Per Dinborn, Skelleftea municipality

Dan Johansson,  researcher at LTU is working with application mobility, which means that your work can automatically be moved between devices.

- The technique is now working well, but there are additional challenges in the area, sais Dan Johansson. Our plan is to present a proposal for HTML5-based architecture at a workshop in the U.S. this fall.

Hello Future
Olaf Schneider and Jonas Persson, Hello Future
Skelleftea app
Skellefte app
Josefin Lassinanti
Josefin Lassinantti, postgraduate student, Luleå University of Technology