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Published: 1 October 2013

Speed paint

Johanna Gudmundsson, former computer graphics student shows what can be done in Photoshop. She was responsible for the "speed paint" activity where she from a photo of the visitor, changed the image in photoshop to a desired character. Monster and werewolves were most popular.

3 D-writer

LTU's own 3D printer was popular.  The TV4 Västerbotten journalist  John Bakke here examines the 3D printers. Emil Bond, student, informs how it can be used.


LTU, Studiefrämjandet and Science Center is running courses in Lego robotics with the new Lego EV3 which is just released on the market. At Researchers Night the visitors ​​were able to test, build and program their own robot.

Mobile e-services - more than just a school menu

Dan Johansson, researcher at LTU Skellefteå lectured about what is happening here and now - in the municipality, at the university and in your phone. The audience also got involved to create their own  "wish list" for services where their imagination was the only limit.

3D in our wood products.

3D visualization and simulation of wood products, ranging from drum sticks to boats and wooden bridges. The aim of the visualization is to develop Real Virtual Reality concept, ie to work in a virtual world based on real measurement data.

Lecturer: researcher Peter Bomark, LTU, skellefteå Campus.

Future wood material: Threats and Opportunities

Wood is an ideal cycle material, it decomposes in nature without burdening the environment in the long term. But wood must also be protected against biological and chemical degradation to suffice in structures. The challenge we face today is to manage this balancing act.

Lecturer: researchers Olov Karlsson, LTU,  Skellefteå Campus

Lectures In close association with LTU:

  • Ted Kjellsson, the man behind  the SVT series "Scrap Expectations".
  • Peter Strandberg, former student and one of the creators of the game Impacto.
  • Patrik Larsson, former student and project leader / organizer of the Nordsken.