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Johan Skog nails his thesis

10 LTU- researchers in one year at Campus Skellefteå

Published: 15 May 2013

The old academic tradition to nail the Doctoral thesis together with the new tradition of hanging licentiate theses were introduced in May 2012 at Campus Skellefteå in order to show the research conducted in town. One year after the start, 10 LTU thesis and portraits are placed in the Forum building for public display.

May 14 Johan Skog nailed his thesis and Anders Berglund hung his licentiate thesis. The moderator Ingrid Thylin, Skellefteå municipality spoke about the importance of research for development.

Audience was Skellefteås politicians and a large number of visitors.

Anders Berglund and Johan Skog
Anders Berglund and Johan Skog

Johan Forestry, Wood Technology / Wood Technology

Characterisation of sawlogs using industrial X-ray and 3D scanning


Anders Berglund
Anders Berglund

Anders Berglund, Wood Technology / Wood Technology

Process control and production strategies in the sawmill industry