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Students, PhD-students and staff at Campus Skellefteå received funding from Skeriafonden. Monica Tjerngren, Simon Andersson, Maria Ny, Björn Elebrink, Lucas Lundin, Simon Rova, Erik Okfors, Jimmy Bråthen, Samuel Forsman, Martin Andersson, Kersti Bergkvist, Johanna Gudmundsson, Lorents Burman, Henning Sjöberg and Olof Broman. Foto: Dan Johansson

250,000 SEK to develop Campus Skellefteå

Published: 29 November 2013

Each year Skeria-fonden at Campus Skellefteå contributes to activities that will improve the student social environment and also activities that increases the interest and knowledge about research and education at Campus Skellefteå.

250,000 SEK was awarded to 14 projects whereof ten went to students and PhD-students.

The awards were handed out by Skellefteås councilor Lorents Burman.