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Irene Löf i mask

Business Idea: Selling geek stuff

Published: 12 December 2013

A pair of slippers that look like battle tanks or even a treasure chest? Prop making student Iréne Löf gets SEK 50000 to start her own business.

Irene Löf

What can you tell us about the company you're starting?

- When I started studying to become a prop maker, I received many requests from my geeky friends. One wondered if I could sew something for them, another if I could build. I became more and more convinced that a business actually could target individuals.

What do you plan to sell?

- I will be selling all sorts of things hopefully. I am currently designing a pair of slippers in the form of battle tanks to a friend, I have been asked if I can make a captain's coffin to another. I enjoy working with different things.

Will you have a physical store or one online?

- I have my business online, but I will be happy to meet with clients. It is easier to have the customer in front of me if I should make clothing or props that are worn on the body. But that luxury is not always an option so I have some ideas on how I can solve this by using 3D in my computer.

What do you use the scholarship for?

- The money will go to things that I myself would have been working for quite some time to save up for. Equipment required to run the company, software for the digital piece and the base material for the first time so this does not slow down between missions. Some even go to administrative fees associated with the registration.

Do you have any tips for other students seeking a scholarship?

- I knew where I wanted to end up being about five-ten years and it's probably the most important. Know what you want and are passionate about. Remember to back it up with facts, so do your research before you seek.


Four times a year shares Sammes foundation hands out scholarships to support young people in Skellefteas interest in entrepreneurship. The stipendiumen promotes scientific research and education at the university level, conducted in Skellefteå.