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Eldskulptur av Veronica Östby, Mikaela Haage och Cecilia Mörtzell-Johansson

Fire sculptures in the name of the dances

Published: 28 October 2013

The students fire sculptures were lit in the darkness at Campus Skellefteå. The sculptures are made by set design and prop making students. The course has its real final during "Dance in November Darkness" at Nordanå. The sculptures are made by welded steel wrapped in insulation and soaked in lamp oil.

Veronica Östby, Mikaela Haage och Cecilia Mörtzell-Johansson waiting for the darkness

In the course, "Technology, materials and safety" the second year students at set design and prop are making metal sculptures to be fired. The students get guidance in the process of creating designs in metal. The final part is lightning of the sculptures.

Simon Karlsson and Daniel Eriksson wraps their sculpture with insulation.
Elin Larsson and Iréne Löf
Miku Godfrey and Sandra Lundmark soaks the statue with lamp oil
The Set design students set fire on their sculptures a week after the prop makers. Here is a picture from their event.