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Miku Godfrey
Miky Godfrey, a student at the program of Film and Television Set Design / Prop at Luleå University of Technology (LTU) in Skellefteå.

From Skellefteå to Hollywood.

Published: 4 March 2013

For student Miku Godfrey the way to Luleå University of Technology and the education Film and Television Set/Prop Design at LTU Skellefteå has been long, at least when it comes to actual distance.

- I was born in Colorado Springs, USA and moved to Sweden as a child with my family. At first I was very skeptical about moving up to Norrland, which I think many others from southern Sweden can be. Especially to a small town like Skellefteå. But I was greeted by a very warm and helpful city, where you as a student are guaranteed housing, says Miku Godfrey.

The education Film and Television Set/Prop Design, 120 hp, is a job-related, artistic, technical, social, and historical orientation education. Students get theoretical and practical experience that assures that they can be included in any team when it comes to film and theater after their education.

- After a lot of hard, intense mailing and searching I have had the opportunity to practice and work during the summer at a couple of different major attributes workshops in Hollywood as well as a theater in Seattle. All in all, I will be away for five months. During my time as an intern and summer worker, I will help in a variety of projects - everything from commercials to a great movie and everything in between, says Miku Godfrey.

On Campus in Skellefteå there are two universities, polytechnics, businesses and the public sector. Luleå University of Technology conducts educations in widely scattered areas including Wood Technology, Computer Engineering, Computer Graphics and Mobile application development. Film and Television Production Design / Prop is the artistic hub of the network that creates the conditions to produce films at a high international level.

- This is a wonderful university, with so many incredible benefits and opportunities for collaboration. You make friends and develop ideas and help each other. For example, I have had help with my website and a few friends who study economy have helped me with my business. In return I help them with everything I can. I am, quite simply, extremely pleased with the choice to apply for LTU, says Miku Godfrey.