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Supervisor John Oja, Erik Johansson and Johan Skog, Project leader CT-pro.

Industrial CT-scanner in sawmills

Published: 22 October 2013

Erik Johansson is now awarded a licentiate degree after the presentation of his Licentiate thesis "Computed tomography of sawlogs : knot detection and sawing optimization". By scanning sawlogs using computed tomography, knots can be detected and accounted so that the sawing process can be optimized with respect to outgoing product value. How the optimization should be done differs depending on available sawing equipment and the production strategy of the sawmill.

Associate supervisor, Professor Anders Grönlund hands over half an apple according to a tradition at LTU Skellefteå.

It is important to investigate interesting production strategies with computer simulations to obtain an approximation of the profitability for a sawmill if investing in a computed tomography scanner. Another important step in the optimization process is to automatically segment knots so that they can be used by a computer when optimizing.