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Impacto contest - semi final

Nordsken - more than a game festival!

Published: 16 May 2013

The third edition of the festival Nordsken has now ended. What in Skellefteå started with the establishing of Dreamhack is now a wider festival for all ages. Nordsken is a drug-free event for those interested in technology, computer games and table games (role-figure and card games). LTU cooperates with Nordsken and contribute with games, competitions and students.

Winners in the TING competition
From left: Daniel Lundberg, Veronika Hasherni, Rona Rosendahl

During the  LTU TING contest, the visitors scanned QR codes in the LTU booth, amongst LTU material, dance carpet, Lego robots, posters, computer games, amongst the staff etc. It was a tight battle where finally Daniel Lundberg won the first prize, an external hard drive. Second prize went to Veronika Hasherni who also was the winner of last years TING contest. Rona Rosendahl was beaten at the end of the competition, but was awarded a consolation prize for having fought well.
- Credit to the great game from competitors. The TING-game was developed by Campus Skellefteå students.

Impacto semifinals
Semi final with Impacto

The game Impacto was developed by students from computer game engineering and computer graphics at LTU Skellefteå. Peter Strandberg, one of the developers worked in the LTU booth and took the opportunity to write down the visitors' suggestions for improvement. The student behind the game will work  this summer with further development.

- We have received really good feedback from the participants at Nordsken, says Peter who is very pleased with this year's event.

Igor Henriksson and Tim Blom
Igor Henriksson and Tim Blom

The winners of the Impacto contest was Tim Blom from Boden and Igor Henriksson, Lulea. They competed under the name "You go goodbye".

- This is our first Nordsken event but we have been to several conventions previously, sais Igor. On the question if they would return to Nordsken next year the answer was -Of course. We must defend the title!

Hadi Bitar and Sebastian Stenlund, Computer Networking students

Hadi Bitar and Sebastian Stenlund, both Computer Networking students were responsible for setting up, operation and monitoring of the network on the Nordsken festival 2013.


Anders Larsson, electric power engineering
Anders Larsson, researcher and Senior Lecturer in Electric Power Engineering in Skelleftea

The Electric Power Engineering Research at LTU Skellefteå has for many years utilized the game festivals in Skelleftea to their research projects.

- This is a perfect opportunity for us to make measurements on the grid as so many computers are gathered in one place, says Anders Larsson, researcher and lecturer in Electrical Power Engineering.

Samuel Toffia and Simon Häggmark
Samuel Toffia and Simon Häggmark

SKEROBOTICS - Build, race and run your LEGO robot!

To create interest in technology among children and adolescents offered LTU Skellefteå together with technology Friends Lego robot building under the banner of Technology is fun!

Pictured from left Samuel Toffia and Simon Häggmark.



Certified Robot Designers
Sofia and Melker Ulin-Larsson has built robots and has now received their Certified robot designer-button.
LTU "dance carpet" a popular activity among the visitors