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Anders Berglund
Anders Berglund

Process control and production strategies in the sawmill industry

Published: 18 May 2013

How can the breakdown of logs at a sawmill be more efficient and how can the value of the timber be increased? Anders Berglund, researcher at LTU Skellefteå, has focused on the sawing process in the production chain and presented the results of his work at a licentiate seminar on May 17.

The sawmill production chain includes: log sorting, sawing, green sorting, drying, trimming, packaging and deliverance to the customer.

-I have focused on the sawing process where I have studied the effect of a reduced kerf width. The gain with this is an increased volume yield, i.e. an increased volume of sawn timber out of each log. The drawback is the risk of deviations in target dimensions on the timber. This has to be monitored during the sawing process.

Together with the forest industry and a leading manufacturer of measurement equipment for the wood industry Anders and his colleagues have also been working with the development of a CT-scanner for the sawmill industry.

- 3D images of the internal features of a log makes it possible to detect knots, rot, resin pockets etc. The interesting question is how to make use of the information from the CT scanner in a sawmill, says Anders Berglund.

Anders Lycken, Anders Berglund and Anders Grönlund
Anders Lycken, Anders Berglund and Anders Grönlund

Discussion leader was PhD Anders Lycken, SP Wood.

Examiner, supervisor, Professor Anders Grönlund, Luleå University of Technology, Skellefteå.

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