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Crowded of students at LTU's Rainbow avenue
Crowded of students at LTU's Rainbow avenue

Record number of applicants for LTU

Published: 17 April 2013

Deadline for applications to universities has passed and never before have Luleå University Technology had as many first-choice applicants to it's programs. The result shows that a total of 18% more than in 2012, sought to Luleå University of Technology, while the equivalent for the country is 6.5%. LTU's engineering programs have received 24% more first-choice applicants.

- I am as usual very pleased but not surprised because we work planned and coordinated with student recruitment and marketing communications. Moreover, we already had a reputation as a university with high quality of our education and research as former students and other ambassadors on in different parts of the country, says John Sterte, principal at Luleå University of Technology.

18% more applicants for the fall term representing a sharp increase of Luleå University of Technology and corresponds to about 660 more applicants compared to 2012. It is a result that far exceeds the national average, where the increase is 6.5%.

In engineering programs, with 24% more applicants, the Computer Engineering and Sustainable Energy as increasing the most in comparison with 2012. For both courses, it is more than twice
so many who applied, compared with 2012. The largest increase for engineers Automotive Engineering show that more than doubled the number of applicants compared to 2012.

Within the social science courses, it Systems Science and Master of Business Administration with the largest increase. Another training where the number of applicants increased dramatically is Occupational Therapist, with almost twice as many applicants as compared to 2012. LTU's training to Occupational was the only one in the country in a quality review of the former Higher Education was rated "Very high quality".