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Record number of students at LTU Skellefteå

Published: 6 September 2013

The number of students at LTU Skellefteå is the highest ever. A total of 1,600 students have begun their studies at LTU Skellefteå whereof 500 are program students. The number of LTU students at Campus Skellefteå has more than doubled in the last three years.

Some of the new students was Heidi Rikberg, Gustav Kronvall, Astrid Lind and Allan Nordin, who all moved to Skellefteå to start studying.

Heidi Rikberg, Energy Engineering comes 50 kilometers outside Helsinki. She has a boyfriend who works in Skellefteå and also an uncle who studied and worked at the university who has recommended LTU.

- Moreover, it is completely different price ranges in Finland if you are going to study, says Heidi. One should expect triple rent for a student room in Helsinki.

Gustav Kronvall, Stockholm, Preparatory Programme, had planned to study Computer Engineering in Skellefteå but was not admitted . He therefore chosed  the Preparatory Programme to get a guaranteed seat at the LTU Bachelor  programmes next year.

- I liked the computer game Magicka and found out that it had been developed by students at LTU Skellefteå. Therefore I wanted to study in Skellefteå.

Allan Nordin, Mechanical Engineering, comes from Örebro.

- My uncle recommended LTU. I have always picked apart stuff and did not know how to put them together so I thought I'd learn it now in school, Allan says with a laughter.

Astrid Ling comes from Billesholm and is now studying the Energy Engineering programme.

- I chosed Skellefteå for the snow and winter activities.

Good news for Skelleftea is that of the 240 new LTU campus students, 60% is coming from other places than Skelleftea and we are also pleased that the number of female students has increased. The survey that was made when the new students arrived showed that "The quality of education and reputation" was the main reason for choosing LTU Skellefteå.

Start of new academic year in Skellefteå