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Hannes Wikberg, Nickie Stangrud and Björn Persson, Machine engineering

Skellefteå aspiring engineers help companies with development projects

Published: 19 March 2013

LTU Skellefteå students in mechanical and energy engineering has now completed their second major development projects in partnership with local companies. Since there is a shortage of engineers and they next year will choose their thesis work, companies were invited to the presentation. Also classes from secondary schools in Skellefteå were invited to get a glimpse of the engineers work.

Rune Olofsson helps students find appropriate development projects and Dennis Johansson, Alimak HEK AB

The students have  in 2012 and 2013 collaborated in projects with the following companies:  Brokk AB, Outotec, Energy AB, Skellefteå municipality, Nyhléns-Hugosons AB, Alimak HEK AB, Nordic Light AB, Komab AB and Rejlers AB.