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Dan Nyberg as Father Christmas. Photo: Kai Nedergård

Santa at retirement home

Published: 23 December 2013

At the retirement home Father Christmas dreams about the past when he was working as Santa Claus. With a film made by the students of Computer Graphics, Set Design and Prop Making Luleå University of Technology wishes everyone a merry Christmas.

Dan Karlsson, Tomas Nygren and Ida Gunnarsson Photo: Emma Bergström Wuolo

Father Christmas is old and longs for peace and quiet. But at the retirement home, where he lives, the other residents plays the guitar and disturbs him. Father Christmas dream back to the 1920s when he still was working. That is the story of this year's Christmas greeting, created by students at LTU.

The film is the result of a collaboration between several programmes. Set designers have built scenery, prop makers have created objects used in the film and computer graphic students have made ​​digital backgrounds.

When shooting the film the students used a green screen. The actors acts in front of it and afterwards it's swapped with a digital background.

- It was hard to find photo references from the 1920s Stockholm. I took a picture from today's Stockholm and then removed everything modern, says computer graphics student Dan Karlsson.

Tomas Nygren plays a guitar playing elf in the movie. The guitar is gigantic and has candy cane striped neck.

- The guitar is so big that ordinary strings was 30 centimeters too short. I had to piece together two strands in order to make it work, says Tomas Nygren.

During filming, it became clear how important the placement of props is. Something that looked good in reality looked weird as seen through the camera and vice versa.

- We hung a door wreath at knee height, but seen through the camera it worked. Each image is so important, says Ida Gunnarsson who is studying to become a set designer.

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