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Students from the Bureå school, class 8B and teacher Anders Skog View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Junior high school students build and program Lego robots

Published: 3 June 2014

Teachers and junior high school students from the Burea School grade 8 accepted the invitation from Luleå University of Technology to build and program Lego robots. We hope that the participants discover technology and hopefully may see themselves as future engineers, scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs, says Gunnar Landsell, Vice-Chancellor advisor in Skellefteå.

Students from the Bureå school, class 8 A

– Our aim is to create an interest in technology amongst young people and the teachers with knowledge of technology is an important part of our goal. We try therefore to support teachers so that they have the skills needed for having technique lessons with our robots. We then get a long-term effect as the teachers prepare the students before their visit to the University and they also have a follow up afterwards. We can together develop the technology subject, says Gunnar Landsell.

Anders Skog, a teacher in junior high school in Bureå and also interested in technology, accepted the invitation to use the University equipment and facilities to teach the students how to build and program robots.

– This is part of the school's technology venture. I'm all the time involving technology in the my classes to create an interest in technology among students says Anders Skog, that's what the future is about.

Elvira Rosendahl and Alva Dahlqvist-Cederstrand

Alva Dahlqvist-Cederstrand like certain kind of technology.

– It depends on what you are supposed do says Alva, robots are fun. We only have tested programming earlier, this is the first time we build Lego robots. It was great that we got instructions that we could follow.

Isac Wiklund, Fabian Lundbäck and John Wallin

It's great fun to build with Lego, sais John Wallin, who together with Isac Wiklund and Fabian Lundbäck like technology and would like to work with technology in the future.

– I prefer building before programming says John Wallin.

– I am used to build with Lego. Programming is new for me, but it was fun. Building lego should suit everyone because you can decide yourself what to build, says Lovisa Bergmark

The day ended with a competition between the robots.

– Through our investment in Robot Design, we hope that the interest in technology among young people will increase, says Gunnar Landsell, Vice-Chancellor advisor in Skellefteå. Robots and robotic design provides opportunities for children and young people to create their own robots. It gives good knowledge of the entire chain of activities from needs, proposed solutions, construction and final experimenting. The way of working also provides a broad knowledge of mechanics, control engineering, communications, computer science, electronics, etc. We use the latest version of Lego robot kits EV3 which had its world premiere last September, says Gunnar.


This investment in technology interest is done in collaboration with Teknikens Vänner in Skellefteå, Science Center in Skellefteå and Dataföreningen North.