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Skellefteå municipality welcome new students

Published: 15 August 2014

Skellefteå municipality welcome new students to Skellefteå by inviting them on a guided bus tour in Skelleftea City and a buffet in the Restaurant Eurest / Alvy on campus.

Program September 4

16:00 Departure, guided city bus tour from the Forum Building, Campus (notification)
17:00 Back on Campus
17:00 Inauguration of The Campus Park, City Councillor Lorents Burman
17:15 Speech, Head om Skellefteå municipality Kristina Sundin Jonsson
17:30 Dinner at the restaurant (notification)
18:30 Opening of the student pub for the students. Other guests are wellcome to continue in the restaurant.

The arrangement is part of a day at Campus starting with "Food from around the world" with  SFI at 11-14 where all who work or study at Campus Skellefteå are welcome. Also the inauguration and the evening activities are open for everyone.