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Olivia Asplund
Photo: Erica Lång

"The cooperation of the production team is amazing"

Published: 22 September 2014

Olivia Asplund is studying the second year in television and film production design. She is 28 years old and comes from Stockholm.

Hey there, who are you?

– I like to take on new challenges, explore and search out new things in life. Before I came to Skellefteå I studied a lot of different programs but it has mostly been art schools in Stockholm, I love working practically and with the body, in high school, I studied theater, one of the best things I have done.

Why are you reading scenography?

– Film and theater have always been close, a set designer is the one who both may be the leader of the team and make it artistic. I want to learn the tricks and get the tools how to enchant an entire audience by building a room with colors, shapes and symbols. The cooperation between everyone in the production team is amazing, everyone has their skills and work towards the same goal, in the end we all make a movie together and we can touch anyone out there.

What is the most fun with your training?

– The practical, constantly working with both brains and hands, build, paint, sketch, plan. Being able to fantasize and know that anything is possible, I can create any environment I want and get it to look the way I want with the right tools. I may take on great challenges.

What is the most challenging?

– The internship. Very funny but oh so scary. Coming out into the real world and show off from the first day. While incredibly rewarding and a must in this business. We have six months of internship and that's where it's at, that's where you get to know the profession properly and make contacts for the future. A practical profession requires a lot of work.

What is it like studying at Luleå University?

– New, I come from Stockholm and have not been more than on a ski holiday in the north, so this is very exciting. The campus is very nice here by the river and has good distance to both the town and the student housing. We have good facilities, messy of course but it's just nice when the creative juices flowing. Good teachers, very active, which contributes to more engagement. High tempo, and I like that.

What do the students in their spare time?

– During the projects, it is difficult to leave the school, we're happily staying late and work and then time flies. Sometimes we make a trip home or to a nearby town, but otherwise very large groups gather for lunch boxes and we are often at each others placec. Great movie and series, it also something we watch of course.