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PhD students nail their doctoral theses

Published: 4 September 2015

Three graduate students nail their doctoral theses at Researchers Night in Skellefteå. Their research topics are Wood Physics, Wood Technology and Mobile Systems. Welcome to the Nailing ceremony at the Forum building, Campus Skellefteå oh September 25 at 11.15.

The Dissertation will be at Luleå University of Technology in Skellefteå, Building A, Auditorium A:

Carmen Cristescu, Wood Technology September 23 at 10:00

Daniel Granlund,Mobile Systems September 30 at 10:00

Tommy Vikberg, Wood Physica October 9 at 10:00

Carmen Cristescu
Carmen Cristescu Wood Technology

Carmen Cristescu - Wood Technology
Dissertation September 23 at 10.00 in Auditorium A

Self-bonding of veneers - This thesis describes how a new compact, densified board can be obtained by pressing veneers without glue. The self-bonding phenomenon is due to heat and pressure only. The research focused on understanding the effect of temperature, pressure and pressing time on the characteristics of the board, particularly on its strength, colour and water-resistance.​

Daniel Granlund
Daniel Granlund Mobile systems

Daniel Granlund - Mobile Systems
Dissertation September 30 at 10.00 in Auditorium A

On Mobility Solutions in Heterogeneous Networking Environments - The research is focused on supporting mobility, in a secure and scalable way, in heterogeneous networking environments. A uniform architecture is proposed where mobility management for devices ranging from computers to small, resource constrained sensor devices, is supported by the same infrastructure. An active probing mechanism is also proposed that improves handover decisions for mobile devices in networks under load.

Tommy Vikberg
Tommy Vikberg, Wood Physics

Tommy Vikberg - Wood Physics 
Dissertation October 9 at 10.00 in Auditorium A

Industrial Wood Drying, Airflow Distribution, Internal Heat Exchange and Moisture Content as Input and Feedback to the Process. The vision in the research was that the industrial wood drying can be improved. To get better in-data and feedback to the process, possible improvements in the moisture content determination was examined. Possible decreases in drying related energy expenses through reduction of the air circulating fan speeds and internal heat exchange was also investigated.