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Guldbagge for Best Scenic Design

Published: 27 January 2015

Five former students who studied the orientation set design and prop making at Luleå University of Technology was praised on Monday at the big "Guldbaggegalan". They received the award for best production design in Roy Andersson's latest film "A pigeon sat on a branch pondering on life." Ulf Jonsson, Niclas Nilsson, Sandra Parment, Julia Tegström and Isabel Sjöstrand are the lucky prize winners.

- I think it's very, very exciting that we could get this prize collectively. I did not get so nervous directly at the awards ceremony, maybe a little. It is only now that I understand this is a pretty big deal and I have learned a lot about working with Roy, says Isabel Sjöstrand, trained in stage design at Luleå University of Technology.

She has studied Film & TV focusing scenography at the university and came during her internship in contact with Roy Andersson, and education, she values highly.

- If I had not done the training it would have never happened. I got the job at Roy immediately after my education, she says

Isabel Sjöstrand got guldbagge along with four others who studied at Luleå University of Technology. Ulf Jonsson, who studied prop making at the University and graduated in 2004 came quickly out in the theater and film industry after his education. This also applies to Nicklas Nilsson that early, after graduating in 2006 got in touch with Roy Andersson. Sandra Parment and Julia Tegström, even them educated as set designers at the University, has been involved in several of Roy Andersson's productions.

There are many indications that there will be many more successful years for the five alumni at Luleå University of Technology that yesterday received the "guldbagge". Those who followed the TV gala with the distribution of "guldbaggar" on Monday found that Roy Andersson "opened the door" for more productions. Meanwhile, of course, the former students has over the years been deeply involved in other kinds of set design solutions, not least in their education, as below, for example.