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LTU Business recruits top talent

Published: 8 December 2015

PepsiCo's marketing manager in the Nordic region, Sofia Gullholm, change jobs to increase innovation altitude in northern Västerbotten with LTU Business.

Tell me about your new job

- I will help researchers and students to commercialize their results, but also to increase the height of innovation in small and medium-sized companies in northern Västerbotten. What captivated me about the job was the opportunity to be involved in developing products and services that contribute to the region more visible on the world map. As marketers it is a dream to work with something that is so positive connotations of innovation and business development. Purely personal, this is a varied role where I am sure I will learn a lot.

What does innovation mean to you?

- Innovation is a broad concept for me. It may be that making small improvements and further develop an existing product to create something groundbreaking that changes the world. I'm really looking forward to have this discussion with entrepreneurs in the region.

Why is it important for innovation?

- We in the north have in common with the rest of the world become more competitive. Innovation does so that it is heard through the noise because it is so easy to lose your entire customer base unless one continues to develop both its business model, product or service. It was an important success factor in my previous work. In my experience, innovation power is strongest in a positive environment. Precisely because it is extra fun to come back to Skelleftea now that the area is in such a positive and exciting atmosphere. But we must not forget that innovation creates the driven individuals. There are people I want to contact and give them support and advice along the way.

What skills and lessons you take with you from PepsiCo?

- I think one of my strengths is that I both have strong background in strategic marketing and commercial management. This has in past services proved positive in that I can more easily see opportunities on various levels. On a general basis, I think it is important to be focused and to continuously keep up to date with what the customers think. If you do not put words to what you're working toward it is difficult to secure long term success while that we must never forget that it is the customers who determine whether we succeed or not. I am driven to achieve results through strategic marketing and the enthusiasm and way of thinking, I will take with me to Skelleftea.


Age: 37 years
Background: Born and raised in Ursviken
Family: Married with two children
Education: Bachelor in Business and Marketing from the University of Lincoln in England.
Career in brief: Nordic Marketing Manager at Pepsi PepsiCo
Commercial Manager Tropicana at PepsiCo
Product Manager at Color Line
Marketing Manager Explorer Cruise at Hurtigruten