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Dennis Fredriksson, Luleå University of Technology
Dennis Fredriksson studies Computer Engineering and has his own company at the same time. By doing this, he can combine his two greatest interests, computer games and light and sound.

Sound and light gave a business scholarship

Published: 16 April 2015

Dennis Fredriksson studies Computer Engineering while running his own company within the sound and light business. He recently got a business scholarship from Sammes stiftelse. – Hopefully my company can contribute to get the game industry going in Skellefteå.

Dennis Fredriksson is originally from Linköping and is now in its third and final year of the Bachelor Programme in Computer Engineering. His interest in computer games started when he was 14 years old and he started programming.

– I had heard many good things about the education at Luleå University of Technology. For example, this is where the game Magicka made by Arrowhead, was first made, says Dennis Fredriksson.

– When I moved up here, I quickly got the position as a sound and light manager at the local student pub Traversen. Since then, my interest in sound and light has grown. To start my own business for this kind of services therefore felt like a natural step to take. That I get to purchase large speakers to play with is just a bonus!

Events and computer games

Dennis Fredriksson's company, OmnyTek, simply rent out sound and light equipment for different types of events, it could be anything from private parties to large corporate events. In addition to rent out equipment, he also acts as a technician and installer of the equipment. According to Dennis Fredriksson, there is an obvious and natural link between sound, light and the computer game industry. 

– The computer game industry is an industry with a lot of events, with major trade fairs as E3, GamesCom and Nordsken. Huge money is used to impress visitors and sound and light playes a big role in that. In addition, the sound is a very important part of game development. A correct sound design of a game increases the game's value tremendously. A poor sound set game, however, can flop totally.

Scholarship money for development

From Sammes stiftelse, Dennis Fredriksson has received SEK 35 000, money that will come in handy as he hopes to expand his business.

– Thanks to the money I got from Sammes, I have been able to invest in a new audio system that is expected to handle crowds of up to 800-900 people. The plan is in addition to build a small sound studio for voice recording and processing. If we are going to launch a gaming industry in Skellefteå these services will be needed.

You will soon graduate, what do you want to do after that? 

– I will work with my current company and continue to develop it with both software development and to develop new hardware for sound and light industry. Then I would of course also like to squeeze in a game here and there!