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Anders Berglund, photo Mikael Håkansson
Anders Berglund, nailing December 14, 2014 at Forumsalen Skellefteå

Nailing Ceremonies May 19th

Published: 29 April 2015

Since 2012 nailing ceremonies has been organized at Campus Skellefteå to honor our researchers in Skellefteå. The ceremony take place in the Forum building at the "Wall of Fame". The researchers shortly present their work and nail their/hang their doctoral thesis and licentiate presentation. The ceremony is an open event for everyone who is interested to attend. The researchers portraits adorn the wall of fame where you also can look into the theses.

Program May 19th, 2015
The LTU choir
Bert Öhlund, Chairman of the Foundation Träenigheten * opens the ceremony and presents:
• Niclas Björngrim, Lic
• Kai Yang, PhD
• Erik Johansson, PhD
• Ann Axelsson, PhD
• Mona Olofsson, PhD
The researchers nails their doctoral theses, and the licentiate hangs his research essay.

Bert Öhlund ends the ceremony
The LTU choir sings the Doctor anthem

No pre-registration.

The following researchers at Luleå University of Technology in Skellefteå will nail their doctoral thesis and hang licentiate thesis

Erik Johansson
Erik Johansson, photographer Marianne AB

Dissertation 2015-05-21

Erik Johansson

Wood Technology

Computed tomography and fingerprint traceability in the wood industry – The purpose of the work described in this thesis was to develop non-invasive measurement methods for logs and sawn timber that increase the profitability for the wood industry in general and sawmills in particular. The objectives were to detect knots in the logs using computed tomography, evaluate how the knot information is used in the best way, and to develop methods for traceability of wood products.

Ann Axelsson
Ann Axelsson, photographer Marianne AB

Dissertation 2015-06-02

Ann Axelsson

Wood Technology

Planing wood with twist – I have mainly investigated how twist in sawn timber is affected by planing and how twist affects the planed timber, but I have also looked at necessary planing allowances. Some of the results are that the twist reduction by planing for 50 mm thick softwood timber is about 25 %, twist is the main cause for skewed cross-sections and that carefully calculated planing allowances could have increased the volume yield by more than 3 percentage units

Kay Yang
Kay Yang, photographer Marianne AB

Dissertation 2015-04-17

Kai Yang

Electric Power Engineering

On Harmonic Emission, Propagation and Aggregation in Wind Power Plants – The work presents power quality of modern wind turbines and wind power plants, in terms of waveform distortion. The practical characteristics of modern wind turbines are presented with novel analytical methods. Based on multiple issues within a wind power plant as a part of a power system, a systematic approach is proposed to evaluate the waveform distortion within wind power plants.

Niclas Björngrim
Niclas Björngrim, photographer Marianne AB

Licentiate seminar 2015-02-25

Niclas Björngrim

Wood Products engineering

Monitoring of a timber footbridge - The work presents the monitoring systems of the Älvsbacka bridge. Using different types of sensors which are placed on the bridge, one can continuously measure the position, moisture content, temperature etc of the bridge. Measured data from long-term monitoring can be used for planing  maintenance of the bridge and provide more knowledge when designing and construction of the next generation wooden bridges.