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Students met the movie effects and and gaming industry

Published: 10 June 2015

Computer games and visual special effects were in focus during this year's Gradshow at Luleå University of Technology.

– We come from London to see what is going on. Of course we always want to recruit the best students and the courses offered here at the university are very interesting, says Tom Reed who works at Moving Picture Company, MPC, a company that creates visual effects

Gradshow is regarded as the pinnacle for the students that are studying Computer Engineering and Computer Graphic Arts. In addition to showcasing their focus projects for other students, there were also representatives from companies in the gameing industry present. Hopefully, networking can lead to future career opportunities. The companies were impressed by the students' projects.

– Students work in many short-term projects and therefore must try many different things, that is valuable when entering the labor market.

Cross-border projects

A student project went under the name The Cryptid. Seven students from both Computer Engineering and Computer Graphic Arts had created a computer game.

– We have made a prototype, a demo that could be a finished product, says Regina Rova, computer graphics student.

– It is a mulitplayer- and cooperative game with horror theme. It is a difficult topic to address because some of the players have to be scary.

Briefly summarized, the Computer Engineering students have done the programming of the game and the Computer Graphic Arts students did the visual parts. The fact that the group consisted of seven students was no coincidence.

– We wanted to do a production with many people involved, we simply wanted to try working in a large group, says student Erik Okfors.

Students aiming for industry

When Daniel Ax and Daniel Rocque did their focus project, they chose to make a short film that takes place in real time, that is a film that can be incorporated into a computer game. Soon they'll both graduate and there is no doubt about what they want to work with after graduation.

– We want to work with computer games. The computer games industry is a growing market in Sweden and it will ask for more graphic artists, says Daniel Ax.