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Ten students answers about University

Published: 7 August 2015

Student Housing and literature are two issues that have dominated when a group of ten students made phonecalls to at least 2,000 new admitted to programs at Luleå University of Technology. Part of the group, six, begin a new round of phonecalls after the second admission was completed on Thursday.

- We inform that they must register to the housing queue and say yes or no to the training site before final reply date and that it is compulsory attendance Aug. 19 when they register for study here, says David Söderberg, himself a student and the person who coordinates the group work to make the phonecalls.

One of his challenges in April, was to find 10 student colleagues for a round of phonecalls representing different disciplines within the university. The work to call around started after 11 of July when the first round of the acceptance letter was delivered to those who have sought training. Initially the student group sent out a welcome letter to all who have been admitted to an education. Three days later the round of phonecalls started and the first message to the assumed was among other about housing. And there seems to be some prejudice about northern Sweden when it comes to this.

- A fairly large proportion of those we are talking to think that there are not so many who live up here, and that therefore is easy to find housing. They wait to get in line for housing until they are admitted, but then it can become a problem. We try to give advice at the round of calls where to check to find alternative accommodation and where to get in line, he said.

A large part of the newly enrolled who are being dialed does not initially have some questions to ask, according to David Söderberg. Questions will come later when they had time to think about the admissions.

- We seem to get longer calls now towards the end of the round of phonecalls than we had before. The record is now a call in two hours and eighteen minutes and about student life. The caller was very talkative and very interested, he says.

Questions about textbooks is another common subject that the ten round callers must try to answer. Information about it is included in the welcome letter sent out, but there is also questions about the same thing.

- Often it's about the very first courses and the literature needed but also about student life in general and about Luleå. You get for example the open question "can you tell us about Luleå," he says.

The group of 10 people completed the first part of the round of phonecalls on Wednesday, 29 July and 31 July was the deadline for answering yes or no to the admission. Now it's time for round two, after the second admission 6 of August, and then six students from the group continues calling around.