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Phösare in Skelleftea
All 40 phösare at Luleå University of Technology in Skellefteå

Students welcome newcomers

Published: 3 September 2015

"Phösarna" are the ones at Luleå University of Technology who has taken care of the newcoming students in Skellefteå. Their aim is to ensure that the new students will get a good start to their education.

Luleå University of Technology in Skellefteå invited to "phösar brekfast" to make a final check with the current and former students who take care of the newcomers, mainly in the evenings. All our activities are voluntary for the new students, but we usually have very good attendance says överphösarna. There are many months of planning behind the Welcome period.

Math Lesson
Math Lesson during the preparatory period

- We were 40 phösare and four överphösare this year and all of us have passed a special phösareducation. Överphösarna was choosen for the suitability of last year students. Planning for the welcome period started back in October 2014 when the recruitment of students started. We then began the planning of the evening activities. The aim is that the new students will feel secure in their new environment when the semester starts the end of August, says överphösarna.

New business and economics students
Business and economics students

The University preparatory period

The university is responsible for the preparatory period daytime which is going on for ten days. It consists of lectures, repetition of mathematics, library introductory visits from companies, introduction to the universities different systems etcetera.

Introduction at the Library
Introduction to the Campus Library and the LTU web

More than 200 new students has started in Skellefteå at the programs Computer Graphics, Computer Networking, Computer Engineering, Energy Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Set design/prop making for media production,  Preparatory Programme in Technology, Business and Economics, Electric Power Engineering and Wood Technology Master.

Kamal El Harty, Marcus Johansson and Emil Stenlund
Kamal El Harty, Marcus Johansson and Emil Stenlund, Energy/Mechanical Engineering 2nd year

On August 31 the semester and full-time studies began.

Welcome all new and old students!