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Nailing ceremony and scholarships from Rönnbäret

Published: 14 December 2016

It was not just the Lucia celebration on this day, but also two researchers at Luleå University of Technology. Sarah Rönnberg and Robert Brännström each received SEK 300 000 in scholarship by the foundation Rönnbäret. There was also a nailing ceremony for one doctor and four licentiates.

In the Forum building at Skellefteå campus a ceremony was held where the foundation Rönnbäret awarded scholarships to Sarah Rönnberg for the project "Small-scale production of electricity" and to Robert Brännström for the project "Excellence for Global Competitiveness". Both projects have a connection to Skellefteå 2030, which is the vision for Skellefteå to become an even more attractive place and get more residents.

Pedro Ah Shenga PhDs in Wood Science and Technology nailed his thesis Sawing Strategies for Tropical Hardwood Species.

Four licentiates "hung" their essays; José Couceiro, Azam Bagheri, Benedikt Neyses and John Laury.

Kören-kören ended the ceremony with the doctor song.