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The students Christmas present to the television profile

Published: 22 December 2016

Stellan Rutstam, student in the program Film and television production design / prop, sculpted a bust of television profile Leif GW Persson during one of the autumn courses. A sculpture that attracted the attention of SVT and was donated as a Christmas present to the criminologist in the last episode of the TV program This Week crimes.

- It's very funny. I'm so glad that they chose to give it to him for Christmas. I liked how he commented on the statue and I was warm inside after I had seen the program, says Stellan Rutstam who is a big fan of Leif GW Persson.

- I chose to Sculpting him because he is a great favorite of mine and I am a faithful viewer of the television program This Week's Crime.

Got to meet television celebrity

Work on the sculpture was part of the autumn courses consisting of various steps: sculpting based on image models, cast in molds made of silicone and finally a head in plaster. Students were free to seek their own model, the task was to find a face with distinct characteristics. Said and done. When the bust was finished Stellan sent images to the editorial board of This Week crimes in hopes of Leif GW Persson would comment on the bust.

- Instead the editorial board contacted me and asked if they could give it to him in the program as a Christmas gift. I was obviously ok with it, says Stellan Rutstam who got the chance to meet GW Persson during the recording.

- I sat in a room outside where the program was recorded and after filming, I met him and he said he was very grateful for the bust. Then I got a book signed by him.

How do you like the program, film and television production design / prop?

- I like it. It is so quiet and peaceful in Skellefteå and that gives time to study and work.

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