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Student Film the final of nationwide competition

Published: 19 October 2016

Students from the programe set design/prop making for media production recently got to the national final of the film competition Noomaraton after winning the local tryouts in Västerbotten.

– Of course it was great to win the. We were pleasantly surprised and felt proud of what we had managed to create. We chose to build sets and create attributes to our film, which was something that the jury paid attention to, says student Astrid Andersson Lilliehorn.

The film completed in a day

Noomaraton is a competition organized by Film i Sörmland, Uppland Film, Film i Västmanland and Film i Örebro. The competing teams are given just 24 hours to complete the film, and in addition to this, the film will be made for certain specified conditions. This year the theme was "now or never" and the competing teams had three places to relate to: a bench, a bulletin board and a storage room. Furthermore, all films must contain the three objects, glue, a bike and a backpack.
Astrid Lilliehorn and her three classmates feel proud and satisfied with their entry "Routine" which revolves around a busy park bench.

– We assumed that a seemingly small everyday problems can mean a lot more for a single individual. From there we created a fantasy world for the audience, says Astrid Andersson Lilliehorn.

Forced into quick decisions

To complete the film on the basis of certain specified conditions and within a very tight timeframe obviously meant some challenges.

– It was both fun and a little tough. The positive with the time frame was that we were forced to make quick decisions and achieve a result in 24 hours. To be assigned a theme and prospects gave us a framework and we found it easier to start from the premise than to have a free theme. The hard part is that it was stressful and we edited our movie until the wee hours, says Astrid Andersson Lilliehorn which, however, believe that the education at the university made the group particularly well prepared for challenges like this.

– Some of our tasks in the school are structured in a very similar way with given conditions in a short time frame. We must learn to make quick decisions and creative solutions to problems.

The students who created the film were: Astrid Andersson Little Horn, Lisa Magnusson, Sara Ottosson and Amanda Ribrant.
Winner of the 2016 Noomaraton team became World Film Colab who competed for Gotland.

See the students film here

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