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International theater exchange in Luleå

Published: 29 October 2019

Next week, the Theatre Academy at Luleå University of Technology will host the Norteas network, which brings together Nordic and Baltic performing arts institutions.

– The fact that Norteas chooses to place its annual meeting at the Luleå University of Technolgy means that we get the opportunity to show our activities, that the participants get to see some open lessons and that our school and Luleå University of Technology as a whole are put on the map, says Ulf Friberg, assistant professor and teacher at the Theater Academy in Luleå.

Artistic citizenship on the agenda

Norteas is a organization for higher education in the performing arts in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The organization encourages students and teachers to seek innovative and new approaches to already established practices through the exchange of knowledge, experience and visions of contemporary performing arts and education. During the three days in Luleå, the participants will participate in various seminars and talk about the main theme of the meeting: artistic citizenship. A topic that Ulf Friberg believes has great relevance for today's artists.

– Many fields have a given community that extends across national borders. In the word, culture is closely related to nationality. But being an artist extends beyond the geographical or ethnic culture. Since questions about culture in the sense of society or social patterns and citizenship are so politically hot and polarizing, it is important for artists to emphasize and seek their own citizenship, which has its roots in their own culture. An artist working in a cultural context must be free from political identity agendas.

International exchanges

The hope is that the hosting will strengthen the exchange between Luleå Theater Academy and the other performing arts institutions in the organization.

– As Norteas extends throughout the Nordic and Baltic regions, this means that the opportunity for new international contacts is increasing, and in an increasingly internationalized world, it is important that theater and theater colleges also have and are active in international exchanges. Collaborations through Norteas increase our visibility and at the same time we have the opportunity to both understand other cultures and exchange experiences, says Ulf Friberg.


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