Collaborate with the University

Let the students, industrial PhD students and researchers to increase your competitiveness with courses and research projects.

Use the unique possibilities that LTU offers. Here, you as a business to meet future employees get access to scientists with expertise that is relevant to your industry and use the lab and test environments, or take part of new development methods.

The extent of your cooperation can be everything from a half-day seminar to a strategic partnership up to 20 years and longer, where the university is following your trip and you grow together.

LTU Business works as your guide for cooperation and involve the right experts based on your business needs.

Your company will have access to:

  • Scientists with relevant expertise
  • A broad recruitment of future employees
  • Lab and test environments
  • New methods of business, product and service

How it works

At our first meeting, we conduct a needs analysis and examines how the university can contribute to your company's development. At step two you will meet enterprises experienced researchers with university business to create an action plan. In the end, choose the action that you think suits your business best.

various options

A collaboration with Luleå University can look in many different ways:

  • Study Students visiting your company as part of a course or project.
  • University Lecture Tell us about your business. Create visibility and find talent.
  • Innovation Factory let students compete to solve your challenge in a day.
  • Student Course A group of students working to solve your challenge for 5-10 weeks.
  • Thesis One to two students working with your question for 10-20 weeks.
  • Research projects We are experts in a field that is of interest to your business.
  • Industrial Employ a graduate student doing research on a company-specific issue relevant to you.

For more information and questions:

Lars-Åke Isaksson

Lars-Åke Isaksson,

Phone: 070-3601936
Organisation: LTU Business AB, External