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Postgraduate education in Piteå

Postgraduate education in Music Performance at School of Music in Piteå at Luleå University of Technology leads to a PhD. The education presupposes that the doctoral student is deeply rooted in a professional practice, and that this practice forms an integral part of the research project's methods and results.

Through courses and seminars, the postgraduate education provides insight into interdisciplinary research methods and how these can contribute to development and innovation in artistic practices, but also how the researcher can contribute through critical analysis and understanding of the art worlds of music, its institutions and artistic directions.

Doctoral seminars are given mainly at the School of Music in Piteå, but also, in collaboration with the Stockholm Academy of Music, in a series of laboratories under the heading Interface Research Lab (IRL). These are arranged three times per academic year, alternating between Stockholm and Piteå.

In the autumn of 2021, the Academy of Music has ten doctoral students in Music Performance, two of these through a collaboration with the Academy of Music in Ingesund.