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Music in the Age of Streaming – Nordic perspectives 16th -17th of June 2020

16 - 17 jun. 2020, 09:00
Piteå, (Digital konferens)
Publicerad: 16 maj 2019

The IASPM Norden conference wishes to shed light on aspects of streaming of, in and with popular music genres within the Nordic context.

The Nordic popular music scene is an active arena of ambitious, artists, producers, sing and songwriters, music business, etc, striving for success, on a national as well as an international level. In addition, listening to popular music has become an even more important part of people’s everyday life.

Streams of music flow across the globe through the digital distribution, everyday listening, and musical migration. In addition to the everyday distribution and listening of music through digital networks we contend that “streaming” also may be used to conceptualise musical culture beyond the scope of Spotify or other streaming services. Indeed, even an analysis of a platform like Spotify may benefit from an approach that investigates the deeper currents and flows of its streams. With this conference we wish to engage with the many intersections of musical streams and invite papers that highlight the ways in which “streaming” characterise music and musical culture.