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Mikael Bäckman
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Master's thesis is presented with a concert

Published: 9 October 2017

Mikael Bäckman, university lecturer at Luleå University of Technology, presents his master's thesis with a lecture and concert at Studio Acusticum tonight. In the master's thesis, he has investigated how it affects him as a player if he exercises the same things on both diatonic harmonics and chromatic harmonics.

- My brief conclusion is that it worked very well. I became my own inspirational teacher and teacher. This led to ideas that I never otherwise had come across, says Mikael Bäckman who completed his studies on the master's program in music in the spring. Today he works with instrument and ensemble teaching at the University of Music at Luleå University of Technology.

A precursor in research

In the essay, Mikael Bäckman has assumed a number of licks (phrases) that he practiced on both harmonics and examined how one instrument can inspire the other, and vice versa. The difference between chromatic mouthpiece and diatonic mouthpiece is that the chromatic mouthpiece has a button on the side, which means that you can play all the tones in the scale, including the black keys on the piano. The diatonic harmonica is stuck in a specific tone and is usually used in Blues and Country.
Mikael Bäckman is one of the forerunners in research on harmonica.

- As I play an unusual instrument that is very poorly represented in the academic world, I almost feel a responsibility to do what I can to improve the situation, says Mikael, who sees some benefits of pioneerism.

Invited to the World Harmonica festival

- There are not so many expectations. If a guitar does the same, it does not notice the same way, because it is done by many others earlier. I have been invited to the World Harmonica Festival to talk about my work. The festival is held every four years and takes place in early November. When they found out about my work, they wanted to get me there right away. Had there been a waste of academic work on harmonica I would probably not have been invited.

Why do you choose to present your essay with a lecture and concert?

- When I heard that The University Presents wanted to showcase our artistic research here at the institution, I felt that my work was great as a program.

The University presents is a commitment to visualize the artistic research environment at Luleå University of Technology for a broad public through a series of arrangements in the fall and spring.


Mikael Bäckman

Bäckman, Mikael - PhD Student

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