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Elin Janum Photo: Emma Bergström Wuolo
Experience producer Elin Janum studied at LTU when she was offered a traineeprogram at the world-famous Icehotel. Photo: Emma Bergström Wuolo

Experience Producer developed Icehotels summer concept

Published: 16 September 2013

Here’s the budget, you now have free hands. That’s what Elin Janums boss said when she started her trainee period at the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi. The result is an adventure packages for summer tourists.

Well planned. That’s one way to describe Elin Janum. When it was time to finish her studies in Experience Production at Luleå University of Technology she was pregnant. Just two days after her graduation, she gave birth to her second child. After a few months of maternity leave, she took the entire family with her and moved to Jukkasjärvi to become a trainee at the Icehotel.

That there is an ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi is known worldwide. But that they also welcome summer tourists is not as well known. Elin Janums mission was to lead the project that was to develop an adventure concept for summer tourism. And trainee period kicked off with a flying start.

- My boss said, "Here's the budget, you now have free hands." It was very much responsibility at once. I have learned a lot thanks to it, says Elin Janum.

The ten-month trainee period resulted in the Torne River Adventure Center, TRAC, which premiered last summer. Visitors can now ride cross country, ride the zip and rope way track, paddle standing on a surfboard and fishing. White water rafting has been around since the 1970s and is still an important part of the adventure package.

- We've had theme weeks with yoga and wellness. We have been serving the food on our midnight sun porch and we've had barbecues in Goathis, says Elin Janum.

Studying Experience Production gave her a basic security in her role as a project manager. The course in project management was nice to have taken. Presentation skills and the knowledge about how she could make everyone feel valued have also been important tools.

- For me it was important to bring in ideas from everyone in the staff. My project management assignment was ten months. Now when I'm not working their anymore it’s up to the project team and staff continue to work with TRAC and then everybody have to feel involved , says Elin Janum.

The trainee period is over, but Elin Janum hopes to continue working together with the Icehotel. She is employed at the Luleå-based production company [ å:t kotyr ]. There, she will manage projects and events. The experience and network of contacts from Icehotel she takes with her.

- Icehotel is a very well-known brand. With this experience I feel confident in the role as a project manager and experience producer, says Elin Janum.