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Guest accommodation Polstjärnan

Luleå University of Technology rents nine apartments which can be booked by the departments when receiving visitors. The apartments are available for, for example, post-doctoral fellows, scholarship holders and visiting researchers, but not for University employees nor persons receiving salary/remuneration/scholarships paid by the University’s personnel administration system Primula.

The booking is made by the department administrator of the relevant department. The administrator is responsible for notifying the property owner Aulis about the forthcoming sub-leasing.

Aulis is responsible for administrating the tenancy agreement including the signature of the tenant. The agreement is sent to the department and the Head of Department for signature.

The rent is SEK 6.750 per month and apartment, and is paid in advance by the relevant department each month. The rental invoice is an e-invoice addressed to the department.

The department, in turn, sends a rental invoice to the tenant (if he or she is supposed to pay the rent).

The apartments are fully equipped studios (26 square metres) for one person only.

Before arrival

It is important that the researcher has a contact person at the University who provides information and assists the researcher during the first weeks. Before the researcher arrives at Luleå University of Technology, the University will notify Aulis about the forthcoming sub-leasing. The University will forward the tenant’s contact details and rental period. Aulis is responsible for administrating the tenancy agreement including the signature of the tenant, and sends the agreement to the University for signature.

The researcher should be informed about the content of the tenancy agreement, regarding, for example, electricity, water, insurance, basic furnishing, curtains, ten laundry occasions free of charge, etc.

Upon arrival

The researcher can collect the key/electronic key at Aurorum 2, fourth floor. Opening hours are Monday-Tuesday between 8.00 and 16.00. Other hours are possible when agreed upon, however not evenings nor weekends. If the researcher cannot collect the key/electronic key personally, an appointed contact person at the department may collect it.

Upon arrival, the electronic key is activated at the entrance. The electronic key permits access to the entrance, the apartment, and the laundry room.

During the stay

Aulis is responsible for the property and the researcher may report problems here:, in Swedish

Upon departure

The researcher and the Aulis representative schedule a meeting for inspection of the apartment and the return of the key/electronic key, on a weekday between 8.00 and 16.00. In case the researcher moves out during a weekend, the contact person at the department must be given the key/electronic key and be present at the inspection.

If the apartment is properly cleaned and there are no damages etc., the tenancy agreement is terminated when this is confirmed.

On the other hand, if furnishing/equipment is damaged or missing, Aulis will claim compensation from the researcher. If the researcher does not pay the compensation to Aulis, the contact person at the department will be notified about this in case the department has to pay the compensation. In addition, if the apartment is not properly cleaned at the departure, the department may be liable to pay compensation for this.