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Guest accommodation Polstjärnan

Luleå University of Technology rents nine apartments which can be booked by the departments when receiving visitors. The apartments are available for, for example, post-doctoral fellows, scholarship holders and visiting researchers, but not for University employees nor persons receiving salary/remuneration/scholarships paid by the University’s personnel administration system Primula.

The booking takes place via the institution administrator at the respective institution and they are responsible for notifying Aulis (property owner) that a subletting is to take place.

Aulis administers the lease including the tenant's signature. The contract is then sent to the department for the Head of Department's signature.

From the year 2023, the rent is SEK 6,919 per month and apartment, which is paid by the institution concerned in advance each month. The rental invoice comes as an electronic invoice to the institution.

The respective institution sends a rent invoice to the tenant (if it is the guest who is to pay the rent).

The apartments are fully equipped.
The apartment is 26 square meters and only for 1 person.

Before arrival

It is important that the researcher has a contact person at the university who can provide information and be helpful at first. When a researcher is on his way to Luleå University of Technology, LTU must inform Aulis that a sublease will take place. LTU informs about the tenant's contact details and current rental period. Aulis administers rental contracts including the tenant's signature, and sends to LTU for signature.

The researcher needs to be informed about what is included in the rental contract. In other words, electricity, water, insurance, basic furniture, curtains, 10 free laundry times, etc.

At arrival

The researcher is welcome to sign out the key/tag himself at Aurorum 2, floor 4. This applies Mon-Tues 8am-4pm. Other agreed times work, if they are not evenings or weekends. If the researcher does not have the opportunity to issue the key/tag himself, the appointed contact person in the department can do this.

Upon arrival, the tag is activated at the entrance. The researcher receives a tag that works for the entrance, apartment and laundry room.

When moving out

The researcher and representative of Aulis book a meeting in apartments for inspection and return of key/tag, and this according to the booked time, weekdays 8-16. In the event that the researcher moves out on the weekend, the contact person needs to be helpful and receive the key/tag and inspect the apartment.

If the apartment looks clean and intact, the rental period is therefore over.

If the apartment shows broken or missing furniture/equipment, Aulis will demand compensation from the researcher for this. If the researcher does not pay the compensation to Aulis, the contact person at the university must be informed of this if it is the case that the department in question will later reimburse this. Even if the apartment is not cleaned, the Institution may be liable for compensation.