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Digital tools for gender equality and inclusion

Published: 11 March 2019

In two studies, digital tools for gender equality and inclusion are studied, focusing on how they are designed, communicated and used in organizations and society. The reports are based on practical examples from Sweden, in the form of digital apps, tests, process support, training, etc.

Gender equality initiatives in organizations and society are often conducted with the help of different types of support, e.g. lectures and advice from experts or written literature and manuals. Traditionally, the support has been analogous, in the sense that lectures are conducted on site and that literature is read in printed format. Recently, the support has increasingly been digitalized, in the sense that it is developed, communicated and used by means of information and communication technology.

In two reports, digital tools for gender equality and inclusion are explored that utilize the mechanisms of digital technology, in the form of apps or web pages with interactive features and combined formats.

The first report studies 27 different tools with varying formats, target groups and usages. It is available here.

The second report studies two tools, with focus on hos they were developed in cooperation between academia, industry and society. It is available here.

Examples of studied tools

Richer Business with scenarios, exercises and knowledge for inclusive and competitive business and organizations models.

The Power Up app with information and examples of ruler techniques, as well as tips on management strategies.

The gender equality map where gender-disaggregated statistics on the private, public and non-profit sector are visualized on a digital map.

Vkna gender equality and diversity tools that develop skills for employees and managers in gender equality and diversity through films, animations and exercises.


Malin Lindberg, Professor of Gender and Technology