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Gender equality at our university

Gender mainstreaming in the public sector

"Gender mainstreaming in the public sector in 60 minutes" provides a first orientation into what gender mainstreaming is. It also shows how gender mainstreaming can improve the quality of the work that takes place every day in authorities, regions and municipalities.

Winners strengthen high school girls in a male-dominated industry

This year's winners of the Norrbottens jämställdhetspris are upper secondary school teachers Kristina Nilsen and Susanne Pettersson, at the electricity, construction and plumbing programs at Strömbackaskolan in Piteå. In dialogue with the industry, they work systematically and consciously to change, develop and improve a male-dominated industry - and create a good foundation for an equal and attractive Norrbotten for all.

About Equality

Gender equality means that women and men have the same power to shape society and their own lives. It presupposes the same opportunities, rights and obligations in all areas of life.

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Digital tools for gender equality and inclusion

In two studies, digital tools for gender equality and inclusion are studied, focusing on how they are designed, communicated and used in organizations and society. The reports are based on practical examples from Sweden, in the form of digital apps, tests, process support, training, etc.

Gender equality in our programs and general postgraduate courses

The university has decided that teaching about and learning goals for gender equality will be introduced in all program programs at the university.

Students at Regnbågsallen on a winter day Photo: Tomas Bergman
Our gender equality work

Luleå University of Technology's work with gender mainstreaming

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Important steps towards an equal university

"Visibility of inequal structures has been important in raising awareness"

Photo: Lars Andersson
More men in preschool

Luleå University of Technology wishes to contribute.