Industriell miljö ochprocessteknik

Research and postgraduate studies

Published: 28 February 2019

Research at Luleå University of Technology is for the most part applied research and is conducted in close collaboration with international and national companies.
The research has a turnover close to EUR 95million and covers 69 research subjects.

Research areas

Faculty of engineering
50 research subjects
Faculty of arts and social sciences
21 research subjects

Areas of excellence in research and innovation

  • Attractive built environment
  • Effective innovation och organisation
  • Future mining
  • Renewable energy
  • Innovative art and science
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Health
  • Intelligent industrial processes
  • Education
  • Enabling ICT
  • Space
  • Smart machines and materials

Post-graduate studies

579 doctoral students, 37% women and 63% men.
59 Doctor’s degrees and 34 Licentiate degrees conferred.

Source: Annual report 2018.