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Notification of work injury Employee

Published: 3 May 2019

If you injure yourself in the workplace or when traveling to or from work, a work injury notification must be made. The same applies if you have become ill because of the work.

What to do

In case of work injuries it is the responsible manager in consultation with the safety representative and you who are affected who must make a work injury notification via the link below.

Always save a copy

The application is sent automatically to the correct recipient. Print a receipt for all notifications and always send a copy to the HR unit. Also consider that the safety representative and you yourself should have a copy.

Serious work injuries must be reported to the Swedish Work Environment Authority

Serious work injuries include extensive personal injury or death as well as deaths related to illness as a result of the work.The immediate manager is responsible for reporting serious work injuries to the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

AFA's personal injury insurance - PSA

In case of personal injury you can as employee claim compensation from AFA’s personal injury insurance for employees of state authorities, PSA. PSA can provide compensation for medical care, medicienes, loss of income, both during the acute period of illness and if the occupational injury results in permanent disability. It also compensates for any damage to e.g. glasses or clothes.