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In case of fire or accident

It is difficult to know how to react when you find yourself in, or witness an emergency. Are you prepared makes you work for all involved and SOS can quickly see that the right help resources are in place.

In case of fire or other emergency call 112

Remember that information on:

  • What has happened?
  • Where was it needed help?
  • Who are you calling?

Event of injury / illness:

  • Injury or condition?
  • Unconscious / clamped?
  • Indoor / outdoor?
  • Who is concerned? Name, gender and age?

In case of fire:

  • Rescue those who are in immediate danger.
  • Warn neighbors of the fire or other emergency event occurred. Screaming and attempts enlist the help of others. Give orders and assign tasks.
  • Alert by pressing the alarm button to the automatic fire alarm. Call 112 and answer the operator's questions. Answering these quesions does not delay the alarm. While the operator askes you questions another operator listens in on your conversation and sends the alarm to emergency services for timely help.
  • Extinguish, if possible. All fires are small at first. Make an ettempt to extinguish if you have the equipment. Move closer to the fire in a low position and spray on the base of the fire. If you can not extinguish or lack equipment, then close the door to the area that is burning so that smoke does not spread. 
  • Evacuate the premises when the fire alarm sounds. Always take the safest and fastest way out of the building and then go to the assembly area.
  • Meet the fire brigade if you know what and where the fire is to show the way.

Remember: Down under the smoke - Close all doors