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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Published: 13 March 2020

Updated 15 February 2021, 17.05.
Here's a general FAQ, a FAQ for students and a FAQ for employees about the coronavirus. This page is continuously updated.


General questions

What do I do if I get a cold or flu-like symptoms?
Anyone who gets cold or flu-like symptoms should stay at home.
If you don't manage to take of yourself at home, call 1177 for further guidance. Information about tests from Region Norrbotten. 

What can I do to prevent being infected?
Follow the recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden:

  • Important! If you are sick or have any symtoms of a cold, stay at home. 
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Avoid touching your face and your eyes
  • Avoid shaking hands
  • Cough and sneeze in the bend of your arm
  • Avoid close contact with ill people

Always wash your hands before meals, handling food and after a toilet visit. Hand sanitiser can be an option for use in the event that soap and water aren’t available. Stay home if you feel unwell. By following these recommendations, you may avoid infecting people on the bus, at work/school or where you are in close contact with others.

What does the University's insurance cover for me as a student or employee?
The University has its insurance policies taken out by the Chamber of Commerce. On their website they have compiled questions and answers for students and staff. Students will find special information for studies on distace here

University staff who carries out his / her work at home and who is exposed to an accident can be insured for accidents at work in accordance with the Personal Injury Agreement (PSA). However, this presupposes that the accident is clearly and directly related to the work being done. More information about the insurances at the University. 


What shall I do if I heve been away from Sweden or if I am going there for the first time?
If you are a foreign citizen you have to have a covid-test that is negeative. And everybody who has been abroad should not have near contact with people for at least seven days, according to The Public Health Agency of Sweden. Read more about travels on the same site.

How will it be for international students?
International students should pay the tuition fee and apply for a residence permit to be prepared to participate in campus-based tuition this fall. International fee students should also prepare and pay for accommodation to secure accommodation. All provided that no new decision is made.

Can international students who have paid a fee get it back? 
International students who have paid tuition fees for the spring semester 2021 but who, due to prevailing circumstances, wish to resign their place of education can receive it reimbursed. You can make an application for reimbursement to Luleå University of Technology before 19 Janúary 2021.  Second-year students are also covered in cases where they do not want to continue their education during the fall term.

I am studying at Luleå University of Technology and am worried about the spread of the coronavirus, Covid-19. What is the University doing?
The university follows the government's recommendation, which means that we have switched to distance education and other place-independent examination forms. 

What happens to exams?

If you have registered for an exam, you will be contacted by mail to your LTU-mail account including specific information about your exam. You should also keep yourself updated by regularly visiting this side for new information.

Read more at How to handle examinations

Is there further information regarding exams?
The University does not reimburse costs for students who, for various reasons, are forced to cancel/re-book their trips.

Can I put myself on a queue list, if I haven’t registered to an exam?
There are no queue lists, since there is no coordination of new forms of examination for the time being. This decision applies to the entire Luleå University of Technology and to all courses.

What happen to student organizations' events and other places outside the University where students gather and the risk of infection can increase, for example student pubs?
The recommendations from the Public Health Agency apply, as well as the Government's decision to ban public meetings with more than 50 people. 

What happens to my student loan if I get ill or can't attend as usual?
You can find information on the CSN website.

I'm going on exchange studies. What about the coronavirus, covid-19?
The situation is changing rapidly so it is best to always check with your international coordinator at Luleå University of Technology on what applies in specific cases.

I am currently on an exchange. What do I do?
Contact your international coordinator if you have not already done so. It is important that you follow local news media, information from your exchange University, the Public Health Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel recommendations.

International Master Students

If you want to follow the information and know more about the swedish strategy around covid-19, we recommend you to load down the app from appstore from the authority Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.

Below you will find questions and answers regarding COVID-19 that are relevant for you as a newly admitted student.

What shall I do if I heve been away from Sweden or if I am going there for the first time?
If you are a foreign citizen you have to have a covid-test that is negeative.And everybody who has been abroad should not have near contact with people for at least seven days, according to The Public Health Agency of Sweden. Read more about travels on the same site. 

How is Luleå University of Technology handling the situation?
Luleå university of Technology is monitoring the situation and following the information and recommendations issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. These authorities are continuously updating their information and recommendations. Find out more about the university's general recommendations on COVID-19.

I am admitted to studies starting in the spring 2021, will the university be open as usual then?
The university will be open. Some teaching will be online, some takes place on site.

I have received my invoice for the tuition fee for a programme starting in the spring 2021, what will happen if I cannot begin my studies because of COVID-19?
We understand that you are worried about the situation regarding COVID-19. If you plan on commencing your studies in the spring 2021, you must pay the tuition fee for the first semester by deadline, otherwise we will not be able to guarantee you a housing offer and you might not get your residency permit on time.
We can however assure you that Luleå University of Technology will have a generous policy regarding refunds of tuition fees. For example, you have the right to reimbursement of the tuition fee if you are prevented from leaving your home country, or from entering Sweden, due to COVID-19. The same applies if you, due to health reasons, are prevented from starting your studies as planned. 

Can I defer my admission if the spread of COVID-19 prevents me from commencing my studies in spring 2021?
If you are admitted to a programme and want to postpone your studies, you can apply for a deferral of studies. According to the university policy, defferal can only be granted in extraordinary circumstances, such as illness, family crisis or compulsory military service. Circumstances depending on COVID-19 are not grounds for a deferral of studies. If you are unable to attend your studies due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19 you must apply for a refund of your tuition fee.

Fee-paying students must have paid the tuition fee for the first semester in order to be granted a deferral.
If you do not meet the conditions for deferral, you cannot keep your place in the programme. However, if you must decline your offer of admission you are always welcome to apply again next year. We cannot guarantee that your application will be successful again, as it depends on the quality of other applicants' applications, but the fact that you were not able to accept your place in the programme this year will in no way affect the outcome of your new application.


I feel worried about staying in the staff room, where many gather at the same time? 
It is important that everyone takes their own responsibility, it is full - fplease choose another staff room or eat your lunch later. Physical also applies to autumnl, about 1.5 m.

I work in an office landscape and feel worried?
Talk to your immediate manager, and see if you need to make any adjustments that may work for your particular workingplace

I feel worried about the spread of infection and do not want to go to work. Can I work from home?
If you can work from home Luleå University of Technology recommends that you do so but only in agreement with your immediate superior.
Read more at Information for employees

Can thesis defense be carried out?
Yes, thesis defense should be conducted as usual. If the evaluation committee and opponents are prevented from attending, there are opportunities for digital participation. Take part of The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s information on events with less than 50 attendants.

I am currently undergoing cancer treatment and have a reduced immune system, do I have to come to the workplace?
Employees who, for example, undergo cancer treatment or have serious underlying medical conditions should be offered the opportunity to work from home or to adapt their work tasks with minimal social contact. contact your nearest manager.

An employee has fallen ill, what should we do?
If an employee becomes ill, he or she must report illness as usual and it is important that you as a manager keep in touch with employees during the period of illness. According to collective agreements, we can in special cases abolish the requirement for a medical certificate. As employees today may have difficulty obtaining a medical certificate, we do not require it. On the other hand, a medical certificate is required for sick leave on day 22, otherwise the Swedish Social Insurance Agency will not pay any compensation. The healthcare in Norrbotten can issue medical certificates by telephone.

Who informs our students about new time and possible form of the exam?
All students are encouraged to follow information on our website and to follow information that comes via the LTU-mail. All courses that have exams booked are given a new course room. You as a teacher are invited to the room and our administrators are working on creating these course rooms as well as inviting those who will take the exam to each room. You must NOT invite anyone to this course room, this is where the examination will take place. You as a teacher here inform the students about how the exam is going to take place and you are asked to use the course room to set up the exam or other examination assignment. We know that teachers have a great deal of experience in using Canvas for examinations, we hope that together we can help each other as well as possible in this transition. Read more about the possibilities of distance education on our website.