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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Published: 13 March 2020

Updated 14 April 14.15
Here's a general FAQ, a FAQ for students and a FAQ for employees about the coronavirus. This page is continuously updated.


General questions

How will study period 1 in 2022 be conducted?
The university is planning for teaching according to regular syllabus during the study period 1 in the autum of 2022. This means that all teaching that is planned to be carried out on site must be carried out at the university. This can change depending on how covid-19 is developing and the recommendations from the Public Health Agency, please follow the information  here.

What do I do if I get a cold or flu-like symptoms?
Anyone who gets cold or flu-like symptoms should stay at home. If you don't manage to take care of yourself at home, call 1177 for further guidance. 

What does the University's insurance cover for me as a student or employee?
The University has its insurance policies taken out by the Chamber of Commerce. On their website they have compiled questions and answers for students and staff. Students will find special information for studies on distace here.
University staff who carries out his / her work at home and who is exposed to an accident can be insured for accidents at work in accordance with the Personal Injury Agreement (PSA). However, this presupposes that the accident is clearly and directly related to the work being done. More information about the insurances at the University.


How do I book a time for the vaccine? 
Swedish citizens and residents can book the vaccine online. However, international students often lack the required identification for that. For this reason, you have to call a Health center i Västerbotten read more here, in Norrbotten you have to book on phone number 010-452 63 03, read more here 

How will it be for international students?
International students should pay the tuition fee and apply for a residence permit to be prepared to participate in campus-based tuition this fall. International fee students should also prepare and pay for accommodation to secure accommodation. All provided that no new decision is made.

Can I put myself on a queue list, if I haven’t registered to an exam?

What happens to my student finaces if I get ill or can't attend as usual?
You can find information on the CSN website.

Information about vaccination against Covid-19 for students who are intending to come to LTU for exchange in autum 2022

If I come unvaccinated to Sweden (I have not received a single dose of any COVID-19 vaccine), will I be able to get vaccinated in Sweden?
Yes, you will be able to receive your doses in Sweden. 

Is vaccination free of charge or will I have to pay anything?
The vaccination against COVID-19 is free of charge.

If I have received my first dose in my home country (EU country), will I be able to receive my second dose in Sweden?
You are strongly encouraged to receive both doses in your home country. If your home country is an EU-country (e.g. Germany, Spain, France), you will technically be able to receive your second dose in Sweden as long as you can provide sufficient documentation regarding your first dose (what type of vaccine it was; date of vaccination; place of vaccination – and when the second dose is supposed to be administered). However, please be prepared for difficulties as the system is new and is not really equipped to deal with inter-country situations. You might also face certain difficulties in getting the EU Green Certificate if you have done vaccination in two different EU countries. In Sweden, right now (12th of May), the vaccines reserved for anyone below the age of 65 are Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Astra Zeneca is generally not given to anyone below the age of 65. So, if your first dose was the AZ vaccine, it will be almost impossible to get a second dose of the AZ in Sweden. Pfizer is the most used vaccine. Please note that all vaccines have to be given in specific intervals for it to be effective. 

If I have received my first dose in my home country (non-EU country), will I be able to receive my second dose in Sweden?
Technically yes, as per the answer provided in the paragraph above, but please note that Sweden might not stock the type of vaccine that is used in your home country. 

International Master Students

If you want to follow the information and know more about the Swedish strategy around COVID-19, we recommend you to load down the app from appstore from the authority Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.

Below you will find questions and answers regarding COVID-19 that are relevant for you as a newly admitted student.

How do I book a time for the vaccine? 
Swedish citizens and residents can book the vaccine online. However, international students often lack the required identification for that. For this reason, you have to call a Healt care center i Västerbotten read more here, in Norrbotten you have to book on telephonenumber 010-452 63 03, read more here 

How is Luleå University of Technology handling the situation?
Luleå university of Technology is monitoring the situation and following the information and recommendations issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. 


Do I have the right to be vaccinated against Covid-19 during paid working hours?
Yes. In normal cases, you are not allowed to go and get vaccinated during paid working hours, but since there is a societal interest in stopping the spread of infection, the university has decided to make an exception for vaccination against Covid-19.

Can I offer lunch or other refreshments at digital meetings?
The answer is no. The opportunity to have a meal together in connection with a meeting is based on meeting physically. According to the Swedish Tax Agency, joint meal arrangements at physical gatherings that are temporary and short-term are exempt from benefit taxation.

Can you extend a doctoral student employment due to interruptions in studies caused by Covid-19?

  • Yes, a doctoral student employment can be extended if there are special reasons caused by Covid-19. In order for an extension to take place, the following criteria must be met:
  • The extension should be directly linked to the Covid-19 pandemic in a clear manner. It may be, for example, that a project did not materialize, that the doctoral student or the supervisor has been on sick leave due to Covid-19 for a longer period or that the doctoral student has otherwise had an unwanted interruption in the studies due to circumstances that the doctoral student can not control. It should be emphasized here that it is the doctoral student's responsibility to go to university and that fear of traveling is not a valid reason for a study interruption that entails an extension of employment.
  • The reason for the interruption in the studies must be clearly documented in the individual study plan.
  • The doctoral student's employment may be extended for the required period, however, no longer than the period during which the interruption lasted.
  • The extension shall only be made when it can be established by the responsible supervisor that the doctoral student does not have time to defend his or her dissertation in time. 
  • There is therefore no reason to now extend a doctoral student due to Covid-19 who is at the beginning of his doctoral studies.

If the university extends a doctoral student employment without considering the above points, there is a risk that the temporary employment is not permitted according to the Higher Education Ordinance.

I feel worried about staying in the staff room, where many gather at the same time? 
It is important that everyone takes their own responsibility, it is full - please choose another staff room or eat your lunch later.

I work in an office landscape and feel worried?
Talk to your immediate manager, and see if you need to make any adjustments that may work for your particular workingplace
I feel worried about the spread of infection and do not want to go to work. Can I work from home?
If you can work from home Luleå University of Technology recommends that you do so but only in agreement with your immediate superior.
Read more at Information for employees

An employee has fallen ill, what should we do?
If an employee becomes ill, the person must report sick leave as usual and it is important that you as a manager keep in touch with the employee during the period of illness. Medical certificates to the university must be submitted from day eight. The health centers in Norrbotten and Västerbotten can issue medical certificates by telephone. For compensation from the Försäkringskassan, a medical certificate is required from day 15.