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Information for staff

Published: 2 March 2020

Updated 22 April 15.15.
The university has continued monitoring and increased preparedness regarding the development of Covid-19. The development is continuously monitored by the university's central coordination group and the group have regular meetings. The latest information is always at the top.

The latest information

As there is a societal interest in stopping the spread of infection, the university has decided to make an exception for vaccination against covid-19, which in this case can take place during paid working hours.

As a reminder of the acute infection situation, here is the film with Chief County Medical officer for infectious diseases control Anders Nystedt.

Local restrictions in Västerbotten

Region Västerbotten is extending its local restrictions until 9th of May. Among other things, travel within and outside the region should be avoided. You should also wear mouth guards in public transport and also indoors if you can not avoid contact with people outside your immediate circle.

Unstable situation

Now, people with no symptoms will also be tested in connection with infection tracing in workplaces, according to Public Health Agency of Sweden (only in Swedish).

As the infection situation for covid-19 is currently uncertain, everyone is urged to continue to be restrictive and follow the Public Health Agency of Sweden´s general regulations and general guidelines.

Travels and visits at the university should be avoided. Meetings should take place digitally. If a person has nevertheless been abroad, the person should avoid close contacts for at least seven days according to the Public Health Agency of Sweden (only in Swedish). If you are planning to travel information from the same site.

The government has given state authorities a continued assignment that as many as possible should work from home to reduce the spread of infection. This applies until 31 May 2021. In line with this, employees at Luleå University of Technology shall work at home where the work tasks allow it until 31 May. Decisions are made by the nearest manager. Employees should be prepared for the fact that if the spread of infection decreases, a new decision can be made. Previous information regarding work in the home still applies, read more further down on this page.

Risk assessment

In the case of permanent work in the workplace, the nearest manager must initiate an overall risk assessment. ​Risk assessment should be initiated in laboratory activites or when a meeting is to take place. Risk assessments should take place continuously and any risks should result in measures.

Disposable mouth guard

If you are in need to use disposable mouth guards where it is not possible to keep your distance, you make purchases via LTU's contractual partners. Personal protective equipment in connection with Covid-19, such as mouth guards is purchased via Procurator and disposable gloves, are primarily purchased via Procurator or Alloffice. Ordering instructions can be found under each agreement in the agreement catalog Kommers. For more information, click here.

Vice-Chancellor´s decision Spring 2021

Teaching during the spring semester 2021 shall primarily be carried out digitally or through other teaching forms that do not involve physical presence on campus, provided that reasonable requirements for quality can be met. Each institution assesses which measures are necessary to carry out . They must be planned based on current restrictions due to the prevailing pandemic.

  • Exam is carried out digitally or in other forms, which do not involve physical presence at the university
  • It is important that students receive information in good time regarding both teaching and examination methods, in order to enable good study planning
  • Deviations from course and education plans are allowed during Spring 2021 due to theongoing pandemic, decisions are made by the main education leader
  • The decision is valid from 25 January until 5 June 2021
  • Read more about how teaching rooms have been adapted

Earlier information about teaching

  • Students and staff are expected to continue to act in a way that minimizes the risk of the spread of infection and in all contexts maintain social distancing.
  • Lessons must be carried out in such a way that the spread of infection is limited and a mixed teaching with both on-site training and distance learning is made possible.
  • On-site teaching must be conducted within the framework of the precautionary measures recommended by the Public Health Agency. 
  • Group sizes must be kept down by sparse seating in all classrooms and auditoriums so that physical distance between students (approx. 2 m) is achieved.
  • Accuracy with hand washing and access to handalcohol in all classrooms and auditoriums. Signs about hygiene regulations and about keeping physical distance (English and Swedish) in all classrooms and auditoriums.
  • Daily cleaning in all classrooms, wiping with disinfectant.

Work from home

All work that can be done at home must be carried out at home,  in consultation with the immediate manager. Only staff with tasks that cannot be performed from home should be at the workplace.

  • Staff who for work environment reasons cannot or should not work from home must be given priority for presence at the workplace. The assessment is made by the nearest manager.
  • For groups that have tasks that require physical presence, a documented risk assessment must be made by the nearest manager. It can also be valuable to make an overall risk assessment, this is decided by the immediate supervisor. 
  • Business trips should be avoided.
  • Stay home at the slightest sign of a cold symptom.
  • Stay up to date on the situation via

When work at home

Inform your immediate superior

Satff who have been diagnosed with covid-19 should inform their immediate superior, the university want to act immediately to minimize the continued spread of infection. Luleå University of Technology as an employer also receives this type of anonymised information from the regional infection control, but with a certain delay. PLEASE NOTE that the manager / employer must not disseminate information about individual`s state of health.

If you are sick

  • As an employee of Luleå University of Technology, you must report sick leave as usual. The University makes a reduction of one day of your salay as usual. The government has decided to change the waiting period deduction because of corona. You request compensation from Försäkringskassan afterwards. The amount is SEK 700 and can be requested from Försäkringskassan. They have an e-service where you can request compensation. 
  • In normal cases, you must submit a medical certificate after day 7. From 15 December, a medical certificate must be submitted day 22 of your sickness when you apply for sickness benefit. The health centers in Norrbotten can issue medical certificates by telephone.
  • Absence from work due to being, or suspected of being infected in accordance with the provisions of the Infection Protection Act (2004: 168), must be paid through a decision by the treating physician, infection control physician or the equivalent in order to be paid a salary.

About Covid-19

  • Region Norrbotten informs that  people with cold symptoms can test for Covid-19. Region Västerbotten also conduct tests.
  • If you who have a confirmed covid-19 infection, you should stay at home for at least seven days after you have fallen ill. You should also have been free from fever the last two days and clearly feel better, according to the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the heading "How can we reduce the spread of infection".
  • It is the infection tracing unit at Region Norrbotten that initiates contact tracing and discussion about possible measures at workplaces and schools. Here is more information from the Public Health Agency of Sweden. (Only in Swedish).

Reduce the spread of infection

Now we need to help and persevere with routines to avoid infection. Keep in mind that:

  • Keep your distance.
  • Wash your hands
  • Stay home if you feel the slightest symptom.
  • Test yourself for covid according to the information from the  Public Health Agency of Sweden 
  • If you have me someone or if someone you live with has been diagnosed with covid-19, read the information on Public Health Agency of Sweden, read more under the headline "What should we do if someone in our household is ill with suspected or confirmed covid-19?"

The Library

University Library: You will find the opening hours here.

Everyone's responsibility

In order to reduce the spread of infection, everyone must take responsibility.
It is very important to:

  • Stay at home with the slightest symptoms of a cold
  • Test yourself if you are ill and stay at home until you get an answer
  • Cough and sneez in the armpit
  • Keep the distance between each other
  • Avoid crowds
  • Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face and eyes and close contact with people who are sick.
  • All staff/students who exhibit the slightest signs of cold/respiratory symptoms should stay at home, according to recommendations from the the Publich Health Agency of Sweden
  • If you are ill, you must be without symptoms for two days before you go to work

Check your facts and stay updated

Continue to follow information at this web site and the websites of the expert authorities. As the situation is constantly changing the University's management has  coordination meetings two- three times a week.


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